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How can we offer prices this low?

We are big enough to eliminate intermediaries and buy raw materials directly from the manufacturer. The economy of scale profits you directly.

We are lean and efficient and geared towards innovation. All our processes are aimed at eliminating waste and unnecessary touch-points.

Fabric choice: Acrylic vs laminated fabric

Acrylic fabricYou may notice that some suppliers sell awnings with laminated fabric. We are experienced with both laminated and acrylic fabrics and we have decided to stay only with acrylic

While laminated fabrics are cheaper and very sturdy, they do look older faster, they become dry, the colors fade and small scratches and cracks become apparent as they age.

Acrylic fabrics are dyed through-out and never fade, they are more flexible and age gracefully. We offer a 10 year warranty on our acrylic fabrics.

Free shipping

Free shipping

All our awnings get shipped free of charge across the lower 48 states.

No hidden fees

hidden fees
Many awnings suppliers will charge you for the remote control, the wind sensor, a manual override for the motor and for the hand crank.

Since safety features are of the utmost importance to us, we include them with all of our motorized awnings.

If you have never heard of these features, you might wonder if you really need them.

Imagine having a power outage because a storm is coming and your awning is stuck open in the pouring rain. That’s what manual override are for, it’s a way to use a hand-crank to open or close a motorized awning even if the power is out for any reason. Can you imagine some suppliers consider this as an option?

Wind sensors help by closing your awning by itself if weather becomes windy and you are otherwise occupied. They are a great tool to protect your investment.

return policy

Best return policy

Many suppliers do not accept returns for any reason. Others accept returns but will charge you for shipping and a restocking fee. We understand that purchasing a large item like an awning without seeing it firsthand can feel unsettling and that’s why we offer a true risk free 90 day return policy.



We stand by our products, that’s why the structure and mechanism of our products boasts a 5 year full warranty while the remote control and wind sensor which are covered for 1 year. The fabric is also covered for 10 years.

contact us

Customer service and Technical support

If you have any question about purchasing, installing or operating your product, our customer service is available 7 days a week. See ways to contact us.



We have been building awnings and shades since 1985 and selling them online since 2006. Not only do we master the technical aspects of the business, we have developed an intimate knowledge of the unique challenges involved in packaging and shipping awnings. We have partnered with experts in logistics.

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