Brasilia Athena

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 Brasilia Athena, our traditional lateral arms retractable awning.

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Our classic, the Athena is our high-quality take on the traditional retractable awning.

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The Brasilia Athena is custom-made just for you in Canada from high-quality materials.

We believe in our products so we offer a 90 days risk-free return policy.

  • Protection from harmful UVA and UVB sun rays up to 99%
  • 3 structure colours
  • 3 projections and 11 widths
  • Acrylic fabric available in 24 colours
  • Soffit or wall installation
  • Compatible with soft covers and hood covers (sold separately)
  • Choose between manual or motorized
  • Motorized model include:
    • Manual override and hand crank
    • Remote control
    • Wind sensor

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Athena profile retractable awning


MOTORIZED PLUS. Mesh solar curtain that blocks the setting sun. 5 % openness, 5 feet high when open.


Protects your guest and family from harmful UVA and UVB sun rays up to 99% offering an equivalent of SPF 50.


Choice of three structure colors.
Choice of high quality acrylic fabric available in 24 colors.

Your awning will be delivered within a 4 to 6 weeks delay.

Limited 5-year warranty on structure

Limited 10 year warranty on fabric

Assembled in North America



Wind sensor included for motorized awnings.

The front solar curtain is operated with a crank which is always on the right.

*You have 48 hours after the order confirmation reception to make changes on your order. Otherwise, additional fees and delays will apply.

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Width Price
10' X 8' Projection US$2399.99
11' X 8' Projection US$2549.99
12' X 10' Projection US$2649.99
13' X 10' Projection US$2799.99
14' X 10' Projection US$3039.99
15' X 10' Projection US$3089.99
16' X 10' Projection US$3239.99
17' X 10' Projection US$3399.99
18' X 10' Projection US$3549.99


Width Price
10' X 8' Projection US$2819.99
11' X 8' Projection US$2849.99
12' X 10' Projection US$2999.99
13' X 10' Projection US$3119.99
14' X 10' Projection US$3269.99
15' X 10' Projection US$3329.99
16' X 10' Projection US$3459.99
17' X 10' Projection US$3609.99
18' X 10' Projection US$3669.99
19' X 10' Projection US$3879.99
20' X 10' Projection US$3959.99

Motorized XL

Width Price
14' X 11'7" Projection US$3389.99
15' X 11'7" Projection US$3459.99
16' X 11'7" Projection US$3599.99
17' X 11'7" Projection US$3749.99
18' X 11'7" Projection US$3809.99
19' X 11'7" Projection US$3999.99
20' X 11'7" Projection US$4099.99

Configuration and price

To review your price, please highlight one of each option, including structure and fabric colors.

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Awning Width 10' 11' 12' 13' 14' 15' 16' 17' 18' 19' 20'
Mechanism Manual Motorized
Projection 8' 10' 11'7"
Clear selection
  • Cream
  • Onyx Black
  • Soft White

Available in 24 colors