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  • Multiple Shade Solar powered
  • Solar panel for Multiple Shade
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The Solar-Powered Multiple Shade, our outdoor shade, now completely autonomous.

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Perfect for hard to reach locations such as upper floor windows, and balconies, the Solar-Powered Multiple Shade offers the same advantages as the motorized and manual versions, but with a solar panel and battery pack.

Elegant, reliable, easy to install and use, the Solar-Powered Multiple Shade is a sturdy outdoor shade that operates at the touch of a button without any need for handcranks or power outlets.

  • Classy fine weave mesh fabric in 4 colors
  • 5% openness mesh
  • Aluminum housing with choice of 3 powder-coated colors
  • Opens up to 10’ high
  • Solar panel and battery-pack with mounting bracket.
  • Includes a 5 channel remote control
  • 25 choices of width
  • Cable guides stop your shade from flapping in the wind
  • Installation on walls, window sills or under ceilings or eaves

Multiple shade close up

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Limited 5 year warranty on structure

Limited 10 year warranty on mesh

Assembled in North America

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Mechanism Solar-powered
Shade width 3' 3,5' 4' 4,5' 5' 5,5' 6' 6,5' 7' 7,5' 8' 8,5' 9' 9,5' 10' 10,5' 11' 11,5' 12' 12,5' 13' 13,5' 14' 14,5' 15'
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Available in 4 colors

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